Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA)

Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA)


Predictive Maintenance reveals problems with your equipment

  • KOWA is Komatsu’s oil sampling system.
  • Analyze your oil regularly to help predict what could go wrong in the future.


Why Sample Oil?

Anyone who owns or operates equipment understands that the fluids running through the machinery are their lifeblood—fluids like engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, grease and coolant. The purpose of the fluids is to protect and lubricate the equipment.

Normal wear rates

There are normal wear rates for each moving part of a circuit, which is lubricated with oil. As these parts wear, particles will appear in the oil. These particles are small but easily detected through regular oil analyses. An oil analysis will highlight increases in the quantity of contaminants and can identify areas of concern, opening the door for preventive action before a failure occurs.

At each oil sampling, you develop a baseline of contaminant levels. Periodic oil sampling shows changes in contaminant levels which indicate wear patterns over a specific time period. With the combination of regular oil sampling and routine preventive maintenance you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Scheduled downtime
  • Increased component life
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased safety during machine operation


How often should you submit oil samples?

Oil sampling is recommended for every 250 – 300 hours of operation for engines and every 500 hours for other components. Check the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines for your equipment models.

How KOWA works

  • Purchase a KOWA Oil Sampling Kit
  • Send oil samples to the laboratory for analysis
  • Receive test results which indicate potential equipment problems
  • Access historical data online when you need to review trends