Komatsu’s wireless monitoring system

  • Tracks equipment location and hours operated
  • Monitors operator and machine performance
  • Alerts Berry Tractor when your equipment requires repairs and when maintenance is due
  • Security features prevent unauthorized operation
  • Provides historic performance records for your equipment


What is KOMTRAX?

KOMTRAX is a wireless monitoring system installed on your Komatsu equipment to help you manage your assets more effectively and efficiently. KOMTRAX comes standard on most new Komatsu equipment.

How can KOMTRAX help your business?

  • Reduce your project costs
  • Minimize machine downtime
  • Enhance equipment performance
  • Prevent equipment and fuel theft
  • Improve customer satisfaction


Reduce Costs and Machine Downtime

With KOMTRAX, Berry Tractor is notified when there is a problem with your equipment and can discuss a repair schedule with you, based on the urgency of the problem. If repairs or further diagnostics are required, KOMTRAX data indicates what parts may be needed, so the technician can arrive prepared to solve the problem and have your machine up and running as quickly as possible.

Save Fuel and Work Faster

KOMTRAX can help you lower fuel costs and improve productivity by providing information on equipment usage. Armed with data for machine idle time, fuel burn, operating modes and load factors, you can make informed decisions.

What is your actual machine productivity? Do you have the right size equipment on the job? Are there employees who may require additional training? Berry Tractor offers operator training to assure your equipment is used properly. Training also allows your operators to take advantage of all the fuel savings and productivity features included in your Komatsu equipment.

Schedule Maintenance

KOMTRAX tracks service history and will notify you when maintenance is due. Technicians will be more efficient when they have the information from KOMTRAX regarding current equipment hours and location.

Retrofits Available

Any piece of equipment with a 12V or 24V electrical system can be retrofitted with KOMTRAX, including service trucks, utility machines and non-Komatsu equipment.

Prevent Theft

KOMTRAX enables you to lock your equipment remotely to protect against theft of equipment and fuel. Your equipment data on the KOMTRAX site can only be accessed by you and anyone you authorize with your user ID and password.

KOMTRAX Mobile App

Now you can manage your fleet any time, anywhere, from your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet.

• View machine data
• Contact us
• Find locations


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