Looking to count loads of materials across both your on-road and off-road fleets and track job site production? Komatsu’s fleet mobile app technology helps you manage mixed fleet load counts on your device, no matter the make or model of your machines. Load the app, select the job site and machine, and you’re off running.

Data collection for fleet and load tracking made easy

Collect the data you need to help optimize your fleet and track production – all on a mobile app.

  • Brand-agnostic: any make, any model
  • Automatically track load counts with no additional personnel
  • Easily analyze cycle times and performance and quickly identify issues
  • View drivers’ location history and help to enhance haul routes

Features and Benefits

Easily track load counts

Collect the load count data you need to help enhance your fleet and track production on your mobile device, whatever your fleet mix.

Manage cycle times

Manage and track your cycle times from your mobile device. Analyzing cycle times from your device helps make it easier to measure and mange your operation’s performance on site and identify issues early.

Route Tracking

Need to visualize your haul routes? With Smart Construction Fleet, you can view drivers’ location history through the web app and help correct haul routes with easy-to-use tools.

Support You Can Count On

Production studies and coaching

Support before, during and after purchase to help ensure operators are making a positive impact on their operations through Komatsu-trained and experienced Smart Construction and Technology Solution Experts.

Training and Support

Whether it’s operator training to get the most out of your intelligent machines, or project managers supporting you on your digital transformation, we care about your success. Komatsu-certified solution experts are available to make sure you get the most out of your investments.

My Komatsu

Designed to support your needs and help maximize the value of your equipment, this inclusive solution provides an array of insightful information about your fleet and the convenience of ordering parts, letting you manage your work site from anywhere.